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Hi, I’m Elliot Zweli Jiyane, I grew up in South Africa. Ever since I grew up, I always have a passion for healthcare. I grew up in an era where education was a key and is a key. I studied a lot of health related magazines until one opportunity come to me to go to the university. I persuaded a medical degree. Which landed me a good job, which later I left and further my education to masters level. I possess a masters in dentistry and a masters in medicine, on top of that I am a microbiologist.

The love of medicine keep me on my toes everyday. Seeing my family, relatives, friends and coworkers get sick, some end up dying of simple curable infectious diseases destroyed my happiness. I do not like see people get sick or die while I have massive knowledge and referrals. I wanna give people good information about transmitted diseases, I want people to foresee signs and symptoms of an infection before it become a disease. I want to give recommendations and simple remedial to their problems.

The purpose of this website is to swiftly give solutions to the nations that is or might be infected by any treatable, curable or easily monitored infections or diseases. There are so many commutable diseases and much more transmissible infections, that can be early diagnosed and treated. Due to lack of knowledge, people reach out for help at a late stage of the disease.

The goal of this website is to bring knowledge right on your fingers and the recommendations right on your typing hand. It is also meant to send awareness to the world about healthcare and to further engage with people live on daily bases, while acting as an outreach program. Keeping in mind that the first doctor is you, you know your body more than a healthcare worker. You are the first person to self diagnose your body, you the first to feel abnormalities in your body. With this website, you will be educated and answered to so many health questions you have ever needed answers to.

I will take you from sexual transmitted diseases mother-to-child transmission, oral relatively transmitted microorganisms, to systemic transmitted diseases. Furthermore, cancer and pregnancy none communicable diseases, with my personal conducted research on these topics, in conjunction with recent updates on HIV treatments.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Author: Elliot Zweli Jiyane

I am Elliot Zweli Jiyane, born in South Africa, Newcastle. All my education has been on medical issues. I'm a medical expert, holding multiple degrees under health care sector. From dentistry- medicine. I have published articles in some journal, my work is available on google scholar. I have work in several medical institutions. Feel free to communicate with me at any level of medical questions.

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