Dental caries, looking after smiles, tongue and fresh breathing

Many people across the world are facing teeth decaying and other mouth (oral) conditions. Today we will be looking at dental carries which is normally known as decaying of teeth. This condition does not have age restriction, it affects young and old.

The dental caries

Dental caries involves destruction (decalcification) of teeth outer white layers (enamel). This may further result on destruction of the underlying dentin (the inner part of the teeth). The results is a cavity, which must be cleaned and filled to prevent further erosion of the teeth.

Although the causes of dental carries are not completely understood, lack of teeth cleanliness and a diet high in sugar and starch contribute to the problem.

The microorganisms involved

Accumulation of food particles on the surfaces and between the teeth aid the growth of certain kinds of microorganisms (bacteria to be specific). These bacteria fall under group of Mutans, which is further divided into seven specifically species.

Amongst the seven species, only two specieyare of human beings concern, which are Streptococcus Mutans (S. Mutans) and Streptococcus sobrinus.

These two human concerned oral (mouth) bacteria are activated by the presence of high sugar diet food, which is then convected to sucrose and other bacteria accessory nutrition.

Present of sucrose lead to imbalances of oral pH. The pH imbalances (mineralization and demineralization) lead to the teeth structure being destroyed. This is where caries manifest.

Furthermore, these microorganisms utilize carbohydrates in food particles and produce an abundance of acid by-product an some sticky substances that help keep the bacteria attached to the teeth.

The acids then begin the process of destroying teeth enamel and dentin.

Where is this bacteria coming from?

The oral Streptococcus Mutans/ sobrinus is a normal flora bacteria of the mouth. It live inside human mouth and it is not meant to cause harm.

Some children are born with it from, they acquire the bacteria through genetic transmission (mother to child), it can be transmitted either vertical or horizontal.

Vertical transmission, might involve a new born acquiring an infection during the time a mother giving birth. Horizontal transmission involve acquiring an infection from distance areas, might involve kissing, breast feeding , and from siblings.

Recent research shows that species of Mutans can be cross-transfered between siblings and even from schoolmates. More research is still required on pointing at dental carries as chronic condition.

Prevention of dental caries

Dental caries prevention requires brushing the teeth at least once a day, but recommendations from most dentist point at twice a day.

One can brush the teeth using dental floss or tape regularly to remove debris from between the teeth, and limiting the intake of sugar and starch, especially between meals.

Drinking fluoridated water or applying a fluoride solution to teeth also helps prevent dental decay.

Loosing teeth as a factor

Loss of teeth is most commonly associated with diseases of the gums know as gingivitis and periodontitis, whereas diseases of the dental pulp ( roots of the teeth) is called endodontitis.

Such diseases can usually be avoided by practicing good oral hygiene and obtain regular dental treatment. If not, you can find yourself a home base cleaning equipments to keep your oral health up to normal.

Home base remedy

Most people are now considering to buy themselves hygiene equipments and do their own home based oral cleaning for health reasons.

One of the products is, Electric Sonic Dental Calculus Plaque Remover Tool Kit – Tooth Scraper, Tartar Removal, Cleaner – Teeth Stain Eraser Polisher – Remove Tarter for Kids and adult – 100% Proven Safe Effective (Sky Blue)

Product description/ advantages

Price: $24.99
  • Still have stains tarter on your teeth after dentist appointment? No problem, this tool helps get all of it off
  • Comfortable hold. It reaches all your teeth easily and the power of the vibration is perfect.
  • Easy to Use: Just put it in place and turn on, it’s foolproof.
  • Painless and effective: After use it, your teeth will be noticeably whiter, and free of plaque.
  • Feel like you just left from the dentist! Feel like you just jet a deeper clean!!!

Feel like you just left from the dentist! Feel like you just jet a deeper clean!!! Please Note the following disadvantages: 


1. Be careful around the sensitive gum line when using this oral hygiene tool.

2. For some users it might be a little bit hard to use at the first time, but gradually it will become your must have oral care tools!

3. It doesn’t treate the oral infection, if your teeth are already severely damaged, it won’t help. See a dentist first before use.

4. It doesn’t not remove oral ulcers or tumors around your mouth, the product is for cleaning and keeping clean oral health.

Do you have a stinky breath?

Having a bad smell in your mouth is not a shame but an oral health seeking attention problem. Most people are finding it hard to keep fresh breathing.

Well, the smelling of the mouth is caused by oral bacteria or viral infection around your oral cavity. Some serious infection may include tonsils, nasals, oropharyngeal and other areas around the mouth such as dental cavities.

Food remainders and hard to clean areas around the mouth, including tongue may lead to smelling breath, closing your mouth for a prolonged time and eating unhealthy may be reasons of your bad oral smell.

Here, is the products to use at home with your children, the Eight Horses-T Tongue Cleaner Scraper Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, Tongue Scraping Brush for Oral Hygiene Care Fresh Breath Tongue Scrapers with Carry Case for Adults and Kids,2Pack size.

Product description/ advantages

  • Made of Premium Surgical Grade stainless steel – Non-toxic and Sterilizable – Comfort Grip
  • Fresh Breath Coming- Use stainless steel tongue scrapers to clean any coating thing from the surface to prevent a bad breath, bring the sense of taste and improve digestion
  • Heavy duty gauge to ensure it is smooth on the tongue – no worries about risk of nicks or hurted by the scraper; No Moldy Rubber or PVC Handles – Environmental Stainless Steel Ergonomic handles to ensure bacteria free surface
  • Flexible, non-gagging – Suitable tool for plaque removal, bad breath and to restore oral hygiene or taste sensation.

Are you annoyed with bad breath? Are you always find that you still have oral problem even though you brush your teeth every day?

Why do we need a tongue cleaner?

Our tongue is uneven, and has many grooves and crevices that unclean thing can reside in. Research shows that the tongue accumulates more dirty plaque than other parts of the oral cavity. Especially during sleep, the tongue is coated with a plaque film of dirty and other odor causing compounds.

How to use?

1. Wet your tongue and tongue cleaner with water

2. Extend the tongue as far as possible and with the tongue scraper

reach to the furthest point of the tongue

3. Scrape from the inside out with the stainless scraper

4. Repeat the scraping motion 5-8 times until your tongue is clean

5. Rinse mouth and clean your scraper with water


Oral hygiene is very important part of our health. Before everything happens when we meet people along, we salute them. What come out of your mouth shouldn’t make people uncomfortable.

People at your working space, spouse, children and friends should not take a distance when you talk to them. Seek proper health for your oral issues. 

Teeth decaying is sometimes chronic, it might need more than just a mouth wash, but a dentist appointment and dental treatment. Moreover, home based remedy are also available to make sure that your oral hygiene is spot-on.

Buy relevant, dentist proven products click  here, and more links of different products that are helpful are scarted across this article.

If you need any help, you can easily leave a comment. If you need more clarity or have a question about the website or article feel eto leave me a message or comment below.

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How ovulation lead to female Infertility, prenatal vitamins the solution

Infertiliy is a very sensitive issue or topic. Discussing this hidden behind doors topic is crucial and more awareness need to be published. As much as we discuss global warming and politics, we need more medical education and sexual wellness right on our smart phones. 

Previously we discussed male infertiliy and we introduced infertilaid prenatal vitamins for men, which is available at Amazon stores. 

It is estimated that about 60 percent of infertile marriages are the results of female infertility or female disorders. One of the more common of these disorders is too little secretions (hyposecretion) of gonadotropin hormones. These hormones are from the anterior pituitary glands.

Once these hormones are under secreted, the failure of a female to commence. This failure of ovulating is called an anovulation. This might an indication that something is not right with your monthly periods circle. Don’t wait long see your family doctor. Seek for vitamins boostors such as FertilAid and a lot of female prenatal vitamins.How can anovulation female Infertility condition be detected?

This type of anovulation circle can sometimes be detected by testing the female’s urine for the presence of the pregnanediol. Which is a product of progesterone metabolism.

Since the concentration of progesterone normally rises following ovulation, no  increase in the  urine during the latter part of the menstruation cycle suggest a lack of ovulation.

How to monitor anovulation

The treatment on such a disorder may include the administration of the hormone HCG, which is obtainable from human placentas. As mentioned, this substance has effects similar to those of LH and can stimulate ovulation.

Another ovulatory substance is human menopausal gonadotropin (HMG). The HMG can be obtained from the urine of postmenopausal women. It contains a mixture of LH and FSH. The HMG can further be used to treat females with gonadotropin deficiencies. This deficiency is explained in the introduction of this topic.

However, either HCG or HMG may overstimulate the ovaries and cause many follicles to release egg cells simultaneously, resulting in multiple births later. Multiple births, which can be twins, triplets, and ECT.

Other cause of female Infertility

Another cause of female Infertility is endometriosis, in which tissues resembling the inner lining of the uterus (endometrium) is present abnormally in the abdominal cavities.

Some researchers believe that small pieces of the endometrium may move up through the uterine tubes during menses. These cavities may be implanted in the abdominal cavities.

In any case, once this tissue is present in the cavity, it under goes changes similar to those that take place in the uterine lining during the menstrual cycle. However, when the tissue begins to break down at the end of the cycle, it cannot be expelled to the outside.

Instead it’s products remain in the abdominal cavity where they may irritate it’s lining (peritoneum)and cause considerable abdominal pain. These products also tend to stimulate the formation of fibrous tissue (fibrosis). Thef fbrosis which, in turn may encase the ovary, preventing ovulation mechanically, or may obstruct the uterine tubes.

Other women become infertile as a result of infections, such as gonorrhea, which may cause the uterine tubes to become inflamed and obstructed. The infection may stimulate the production of viscous mucus that can plug the cervix and prevent the entrance of sperm cells.

Solutions to female infertiliy

Solution to the infertiliy is diverse, it depends on the condition a specific woman is under or going through. Take for example a woman who is infertile because of an infection. In this case one can get treated and be cleared of infection, once infection is cleared, now you can take your natural FertilAid for women, which support to aid conception and promote cycle regularity and ovulation.

2. In the case of endometriosis, one can not easily detect that the linings of the womb or uterus are abnormally present in the abdominal cavity. The common signs and symptoms can be pains and irregularities in menstruation cycle.

This may require a medical diagnosis, lab tests, and it is treatable by neams of hormones as explained above, and by excision surgery. Fertilaid for female is not a treatment for endometriosis and fibriosis, it is just a natural booster that aid up conception.

3. It is very important for a woman to always look at what comes out with the urine. During menstrual cycle, notice unusual debris that comes along with urine. Check your tampons often before dumping out. Those are the things that talk to your fertile health.

Women who have previously concieve/ never concieve

The issues might be the same as the one above but, it is very important to further assist your self with natural vitamins such as FertilAid. Eating very healthy and getting enough sleep, eliminating both external and internal stress is very important. Above all, kindly do a positive check up for your ovals or eggs activities.

Women who have done it all and can not concieve, this article is base on promoting good living, recommendations and the use of fertility boosters. If you haven’t try any prenatal boosters. This is your chance of trying natural fertility that promote regular cycle and ovulation, the FertilAid for women. Please consider reading on previous article again, about male infertiliy.

Note: there are many things that can cause one not to concieve, not limited to the one elaborated here. Some women who work extremely hard, with lot of straining objects, this may contribute too. Always look out for external factors too, do not forget to do regular check-up with your family doctor.

Cycle Regularity – The First Step Towards Conception

Getting pregnant involves pinpointing ovulation so that you can plan to have intercourse during your fertile window. Simply put, if you don’t have sex during your fertile window – those 3-5 days just before you ovulate – you can’t get pregnant. 

Knowing when you are ovulating is relatively straightforward when you have regular, predictable 28 day cycles. But, when you have long or irregular menstrual cycles, predicting ovulation is easier said than done, and is sometimes nearly impossible.

FertilAid for Women includes the herbs Vitex and Red Clover Blossom that help to restore hormonal balance and cycle regularity. With more frequent, predictable cycles you will ovulate more often and you will be able to pinpoint ovulation more accurately so that you can be sure to have sex when you are fertile.

Advantages and disadvantages of FertilAid for women

This product is made of vitamins mostly, vitamins and proteins are very good for our health. It goes without saying, that the FertilAid vitamins are good products for quality eggs for conception.

Fertilaid prenatal vitamins can increase the appetite while, promoting conception of which is normal for most of “about to concieve women”. Increase of appetite might be a huge disadvantages to other people. According to research, not much of disadvantages have been notified by customers.


Female infertiliy has been a sensitive issues for years, this is due to a stigma that was built around non concieving ladies. This stigma negative stigma has received a positive response, because we are ashame to speak and send awareness about infertiliy.

It is ok not to have children if both parties have done all they could to concieve. It is ok to seek medical attention and use  of natural FertilAid vitamins and all other products to boost your conception. 

Infertiliy is not supposed to be looked at one side, which is female side. Male too have high chances of being the one who are infertile. Infertiliy comes in many forms, it might be caused by Infection, stress, overworking your body, none ovulation or irregular ovulation cycles or and debris of endometrium tissues.

Keep track of your menstrual cycle, watch the signs and symptoms of endometriosis, take notes of your urine and menstrual blood on your pads.

Use FertilAid for women to boost your conception. Stay healthy and keep medical education alive. This article serve as an awareness. It is open for reviews, and if you have any questions, you are welcome to leave them on the side of comments.

For male Infertility article (click here)

I will Swifty answer you.

Now, Will you consider boosting your pregnancy and conception chances by using natural products? 

Do you find difficult to make babies, FertilAid for infertiliy

Children are a bundle of joy. Married couples may sometimes come across difficulties in making babies. The  stigma has been  attached to women for  so many years. The community, family members and even  church members has neglected the the fact that a  male too might be in a trouble state of making a woman pregnant.

The Male infertility is the lack of the ability to induce fertilization of an egg. This condition can result from a variety of disorders.

Boy child development

The  testes of male children are embedded and hidden at a very young stage. If during development the testes fail to descend into the scrotum, the higher temperature of the abdominal cavity or inguinal canal prevents the formation of sperm cells by causing the cells to degenerate.

Infection leading to a disease cause infertility

During human body growth, children can come across different types of infections that might cause severe diseases in future. A certain diseases such as mumps, may cause an inflammation of the testes (Orchitis) and produce infertility by destroying the cells of the seminiferous tubules.

Deficiency of sperm cells

Other males are infertile because of a deficiency of sperm cells in their semen. Normally, a milliliter of this fluid contais about 120 million sperm cells, and although the estimates of number of cells necessary for fertility vary. But 20 million sperm cells per milliliter in a release of 3 to 5 milliliters is often cited as the minimum for fertility.

How much sperm cells needed to make a woman pregnant?

A single sperm is needed to fertilize a female egg cell, many sperm must be released and be present at the time. This is because each sperm cell can release enzymes that are stored in it’s acrosome.

A certain concentration of these enzymes is apparently necessary to remove the layers of cells that normally surround an egg cell for fertilization.

Quality of sperm cells

Some males can produce enough sperm cells but seem to be infertile because of the quality of the sperm cells they produce. In such cases, the sperm cells may have poor motility, or they may have abnormal shapes related to the presence of defective genetic materials.

Use suppliments boost

The Science of medicine has improved over the years, everyone can now a hieve his or her goals just by a click by a hand on our devices. The technology has made it easier for us to buy suppliments boosters just like a man who wants to be a dad one day can buy a fertilaid available at Amazon stores nation wide.

The male factor has been shown to be the underlying cause of infertility in 45% of couples who have difficulty getting pregnant. When you know the whole story of sperm, it becomes fairly easy to spot the ways that the male factor can become an issue.

Unlike a woman who is born with all the eggs she will ever have, a man must constantly produce new sperm. In a healthy male, sperm are produced continually at a rate of roughly 100 million sperm per day. The more sperm, the better the chances.

The motility of sperm cells

But there is more to the sperm story. Motility and morphology are also key factors besides count – that is, sperm have to swim straight and fast and be of the right shape in order to reach and penetrate the egg. From the time the sperm is ejaculated to when the egg is fertilized, sperm will first have to swim through the cervical mucus and cervix, and then swim up the fallopian tubes.

Considering that the size of a sperm is roughly 0.002 inches long (not visible by the naked eye), this would be about the same as going from Hawaii to L.A. (or at least it feels that way to the sperm!). The fastest of the sperm will take about 45 minutes and the slowest need around 12 hours to reach the egg.

Most sperm never make it. They either run out of energy, go in the wrong direction, or chase their tails in circles. Some sperm have been killed off by natural antibodies or hostile cervical fluids. In the end, it’s just a few, fine-figured sperm that find their way to the egg and hope to become the lucky one.

The final piece of the sperm story is sometimes overlooked but perhaps the most important.

The head of each sperm contains 23 chromosomes to merge with an egg’s 23 chromosomes and begin a new life. This set of chromosomes becomes the basis for your child’s health.

Chromosomes participate in an array of essential tasks all throughout life starting with growth, development, and function of the body’s systems. Structural changes to chromosomes can occur during the formation of sperm cells.

Pieces of DNA can be rearranged within one chromosome or transferred between two or more chromosomes. DNA issues can cause medical problems for your baby and impact brain development and IQ.

Any trying-to-conceive couple should set their goal to not only achieve pregnancy but do so with the highest level of DNA integrity in the chromosomes as possible.

FertilAid for Men Provides the Nutrients Needed for Overall Sperm Health

Producing healthy sperm in the right amounts requires that the body have all the ‘raw materials’ it needs. FertilAid for Men optimizes the critical factors of sperm count, motility, morphology, and overall integrity of the sperm.

FertilAid for Men is the top-selling male fertility supplement in the United States for good reason – it has helped tens of thousands of couples conceive.

It has been clinically demonstrated in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study to increase the total number of motile sperm a man produces. (Study published in the American Journal of Andrology.)

This product is formulated by leading fertility expert, Dr. Amos Grunebaum, patented FertilAid for Men contains a proprietary blend of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and herbs that have been demonstrated to improve male reproductive health, and increase a couple’s chances of conceiving.

FertilAid for Men is recommended for all trying-to-conceive men to help ensure optimal reproductive health and sperm integrity, regardless of whether or not a semen analysis (SA) has been performed.

In cases of suspected or demonstrated low sperm count or low sperm motility, FertilAid for Men can be taken together with companion products CountBoost and/or MotilityBoost.

Note that spermatogenesis (the creation and maturation of sperm) is a three-month process, and FertilAid for Men should be taken continuously until conception has occurred for best results.

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Fortify Your Sperm to Increase the Chances of Getting Pregnant

Getting pregnant won’t happen unless a well-shaped sperm makes it to egg. These key ingredients can boost count and increase quality of sperm:

  • L-Carnitine tartrate, the bioavailable form of L-Carnitine, helps sperm mature and maintain quality and vitality throughout the life of the sperm.
  • Zinc helps with sperm formation and motility, and testosterone metabolism.
  • Maca Root and Asian Ginseng improve sperm production and


  • Lots of Antioxidants – C, E, Beta Carotene, and Selenium PLUS CoQ10
FertilAid, DNA, chromosomes, sperm integrity

Start Your Baby With a Clean Set of Chromosomes

The story is only half over once sperm meets egg. The sperm’s 23 chromosomes need to be free of fragmentation or defect to give the baby the best chance at a healthy life. These key antioxidants help with sperm integrity:

  • Vitamins C, E, Beta Carotene help repair damage caused by the environment and aging plus prevent cellular damage from free radicals.
  • Selenium and Grapeseed Extract remove free-radicals before they can harm your sperm.
  • CoQ10 is important for energy production in the mitochondria.

Can I Take FertilAid for Men if I Have a Normal Sperm Count?

All men – regardless of their count or motility – can derive benefit from supplementing with vitamins, minerals, and herbs that have been demonstrated to improve sperm parameters.

Your sperm parameters may already be categorized in the normal health range, but with depleted soils and environmental factors, it’s safe to say that your sperm health can always be further optimized, and that may increase your chances of conceiving plus result in a healthier baby.

How Fast Can I Expect My Sperm Count to Go Up?

The nutritional benefits of FertilAid for Men may be experienced immediately as a result of comprehensive multivitamin, mineral, and antioxidant intake.

Benefits of herbal properties will quickly increase over time. Take daily as per instructions (benefits may be mitigated by sporadic use).

With FertilAid for Men, the interval for the development and maturation of sperm must also be accounted for: it may take over two months for sperm to mature and to become capable of fertilizing an egg.

How Long Can FertilAid for Men Be Taken?

We recommend you use FertilAid until you conceive. These are all natural supplements, and can be taken for an extended period of time without any issue.

If I Forget My Supplement One Day, Should I Double Up the Next Day?

If you forget a day, to take suppliments, there is no need to take a double dose, it is recommend that you just resume the normal dosage the next day.

There are more than one products for infertility, if you are a man that have a problem with sperm count, your count Boost is also available. For specifically sperm motility syndrome, you can buy your motility Boost, available.

Fertilaid for man can be taken too together with both count and motility boosters. Singularly, a fertilaid for men can work miracles too. All available in Amazon online shop. Click here.

FertilAid, doctor formulated, based on science, recommended by OBGYNs

Male Fertility Bundle

Clinically Proven to Work. In a Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Gold Standard Clinical Study, FertilAid for Men increased the total number of motile sperm produced by men.

The FertilAid for Men study was carried out over a three month period to determine the possible benefits of using the FertilAid supplement.

The study selected men with documented abnormal sperm parameters. Good news for TTC couples -higher levels of motile, normally shaped sperm are predictive of increased pregnancy rates.

A 2-in-1 Formulation. FertilAid for Men is a 2-in-1 solution that includes ingredients to boost your sperm health PLUS a full preconception multivitamin.

Both YOU and your partner need to optimize nutritional status when trying to conceive. 

The proprietary fertility blend brings together proven ingredients to help improve sperm count, shape, motility, and integrity.

The multivitamin provides complete vitamin support; that means no dangerous redundancies or need to buy additional supplements.

Effective Doses. Doctor Recommended. FertilAid for Men includes the key ingredients for sperm health in the right amounts and is frequently recommended by ObGyns and fertility specialists.

  • 250 mg of Vitamin C – a level that is more than twice the amount found in other brands.
  • 30 mg of Zinc – a level commensurate with the dosages used in studies
  • 150 IU of Vitamin E – a level that supports antioxidant systems.

Try the Trio. If you know or suspect you might have issues with either low sperm count or motility, you might try the Male Fertility Bundle.

CountBoost and MotilityBoost contain additional nutrients that have been clinically demonstrated to benefit sperm count and motility.

These products were doctor-designed to be taken along with FertilAid for Men to help address these conditions which can negatively impact your fertility.

In conclusion: Sometimes we might think we can not make babies, only to find that, the problem is our sex positions. Good sex positions for sperm cells to be released directly inside a cervix are necessary. If sperm cells are released inside a copulation canal, they might find themselves in a difficult motility state.

Learn more about female Infertility (click here)

The effects of stress

We often come across many changes in our lives, that result in stress. All this lead to factors that cause changes in our bodies, leading to a very threatening life events.

What cause stress

Being stressed is a response of your body to any environmental extremely triggers by changes or intsense social interaction. This may also result from subtle social contacts or from a lack of social contact.

Thus, a person who is socially isolated may experiences stress as much as one who is anxious, fearful, or angry.

How to recognize one with stress

A person experiencing stress may appear abnormal pale (pallor) and have cool skin and a dry mouth.The intensity of a stress response can be judged by observing changes in a person’s heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and perspiration on the palms of the hands.

It can furthermore, be measured by determining the concentration of epinephrine or cortisol in the blood or urine.

Concentration of cortisol in blood

For some reasons that are poorly understood, the increased secretion of cortisol may be accompanied by a decrease in the activities of the lymphatic organs (organs that make sure that our body cells are clean and all dirt or debris are removed completely).

Lymphatic organs that maybe involved

Such organs may include thymus, lymph nodes, and spleen. At the same time, the number of lymphocytes in the blood tends to decrease. Since these white blood cells defend the body against infection,  a person who is under stress may have a lowered resistance to infectious diseases.

In addition, the exposure to excessive amounts of cortisol may promote the development of high blood pressure,  atherosclerosis, and gastrointestinal ulcers.

What other people come across

Most us we experiences some degree of stress as a result of disease, pain, anxiety, or even the medical treatments they are receiving.

Types of stress

The factors that produce stress are usually nonspecific forms of stimuli and may be physical, psychological, or a combination of both.

Psychological stress

Although it is not completely possible to prevent stress, psychological stress may often be reduced by discussing problems and sources of anxiety with your doctor.

Physical stress

Physical stress can be reduced by providing yourself with a pleasant, comfortable external surroundings and by helping further helping yourself maintain a stable internal environment by controlling pain, administration of necessary fluids and electrolytes, sick drugs or treatmentent for infection and so forth.

Recommended products

There are thousands of products that are available for everyone who seem to deal with stress or anxiety. Supplements such as zen anxiety and stress relief, which is a natural herbal formula.


Stress can come in any form, it can be physical stress through pain or and infection. It may also include psychological factors such as lot of things that cause mental disturbances.

Stress has no age, some children are born with stress but easily monitored and eliminated. As old as one can be, stress can strike. Taking care of your surroundings and internal being is the only way to do away of stress.

You are more than welcome to ask questions and yes drop a comment below. I will come back to you.

Sources and communicability of infectious diseases

The spread of diseases is essential to all medical personnel, whether their work is with the individual patient or with the community. Most infections must be evaluated in their epidemiological settings.

For example, has the patient recently traveled to an area of special disease prevalent? Is there a possibility of nosocomial infection ( infection that you acquired as you enter the hospital doors either ad a visitor or as an admitted patient) from recent hospitalization? What is the risk to the patient’s family, schoolmates, and work or social contacts?

Infectious diseases of humans may be caused by exclusively human pathogens/ microorganisms, such as the Measles viruses, by environmental microorganisms such as Legionella pneumophila,or by microorganisms that have their primary reservoir in animals such as the plague bacillus.

They can generally be classified as noncommunicable or communicable.

Noncommunicable infections

Noncommunicable infections are those that are not transmitted from human to humans and include:

1. Infections derived from the patient’s normal flora or microflora such as peritonitis after rupture of the appendix;

2. Infections caused by the ingestion of preformed toxins, such as Botulism; and

3. Infections caused by certain microorganisms found in the environment, such as Clostridial gas gangrene.

Some zoonotic infections (diseases transmitted from animals to humans), such as Rabies and Brucellosis, are not transmitted between humans but others such as plague may be at certain stages.

Noncommunicable infections may still occur as common source outbreaks, such as food poisoning from an enterotoxin producing Staphylococcus aureus contaminated chicken salad or multiple cases of pneumonia from extensive dissemination of Legionella through an air conditioning system.

As these diseases are not transmissible to others, they do not lead to secondary spread.

Communicable infections

Communicable infections are transmissible from one person to the next person. They can be endemic, which simple means that the diseases are present at a low but fairly constant level, or epidemic, which now involves a level of infection above that usually found in a community or population.

Communicable infections may be widespread in a region and sometimes world wide with a high attack, in which case they are termed pandemic. A communicable infection requires that microorganisms to be able to leave the body in a form that either is directly infectious to others or is able to become so after development in a suitable environment.

An example of direct communicability is the respiratory spread of the Influenza viruses. In contrasts, the Malarial parasite requires a developmental cycle in a biting mosquito before another human being can be infected.

Infections and diseases

Infections involves multiplication of the microorganisms in or on the host and can be inapparent, for example, during the incubation period.Diseases are represented by a clinical apparent response by or injury to the host as a result of infection.

With many communicable microorganisms, infection is much more common than diseases, and apparently healthy infected individuals play an important role in disease propagation. Inapparent infections ate termed subclinical, and the individual is sometimes referred to as a carrier.

The latter term is also applied to situations in which an infectious agent establishes itself as part of a patient’s microflora or causes low grade chronic disease after acute infection. 

For example, the clinical inapparent presence of Staphylococcus aureus in the anterior nares is termed carriage, as is a chronic gallbladder infection with Salmonella typhoid that can follow an attack of typhoid fever and result in fecal excretion of the microorganisms for years.

With some infectious diseases, such as measles, infection invariably accompanied by clinical manifestations of the disease itself. These manifestations facilitate epidemiologic control, because the existence and extent of infection in a community are readily apparent.

Microorganisms associated with long incubation periods or high frequencies of subclinical infections like HIV or Hepatitis B viruses may propagate and spread in a population for long periods before the extent of the problem is recognized. This makes communicability control more difficult.

The incubation period and communicability

The incubation period is the time between exposure to the microorganisms and appearance of the first symptoms of the diseases.

Generally, microorganisms that multiply rapidly and produce local infections, such as Gonorrhea and influenza , are associated with short incubation periods (eg.2-4 days).

Diseases such as typhoid fever, which depends on hematogenous spread and multiplication of the microorganisms in distant target organs to produce symptoms, often have longer incubation periods.

Some diseases have even more prolonged incubation periods because of slow passage of the infecting microorganisms to the target organ, as in rabies or slow growth of microorganisms such as that of Tuberculosis.

Incubation periods for one agent may also vary widely depending on route of acquisition and infecting dose. For example, the incubation period of hepatitis B virus infection may vary from 7 to more than 200 days.

Communicability of a disease in which the microorganism is shed in secretions may occur primarily during the incubation period. In other infections the disease course is short but the microorganisms can be excreted from the host for extended periods of time.

In yet other cases, the symptoms are related to the host immune response tether than the microorganisms action, and thus the diseas process may extend far beyond the period in which the etiologic agent can be isolated or spread.

Some viruses can integrate into the host genomes or survive by replicating very slowly in the presence of an immune response.

Such dormancy or latency is exemplified by the Herpesviruses, and in each case the microorganisms may emerge long after the original infection and potentially infect others.


The inherent infectivity and virulence of microorganisms are also important determinants of attack rates of diseases in a community.

In general, microorganisms of high infectivity spread more easily and those of greater virulence are more likely to cause diseases than subclinical infection.

The infecting dose of the microorganisms also varies with different microorganisms and thus influences the chance of infection and development of a disease


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