How ovulation lead to female Infertility, prenatal vitamins the solution

Infertiliy is a very sensitive issue or topic. Discussing this hidden behind doors topic is crucial and more awareness need to be published. As much as we discuss global warming and politics, we need more medical education and sexual wellness right on our smart phones. 

Previously we discussed male infertiliy and we introduced infertilaid prenatal vitamins for men, which is available at Amazon stores. 

It is estimated that about 60 percent of infertile marriages are the results of female infertility or female disorders. One of the more common of these disorders is too little secretions (hyposecretion) of gonadotropin hormones. These hormones are from the anterior pituitary glands.

Once these hormones are under secreted, the failure of a female to commence. This failure of ovulating is called an anovulation. This might an indication that something is not right with your monthly periods circle. Don’t wait long see your family doctor. Seek for vitamins boostors such as FertilAid and a lot of female prenatal vitamins.How can anovulation female Infertility condition be detected?

This type of anovulation circle can sometimes be detected by testing the female’s urine for the presence of the pregnanediol. Which is a product of progesterone metabolism.

Since the concentration of progesterone normally rises following ovulation, no  increase in the  urine during the latter part of the menstruation cycle suggest a lack of ovulation.

How to monitor anovulation

The treatment on such a disorder may include the administration of the hormone HCG, which is obtainable from human placentas. As mentioned, this substance has effects similar to those of LH and can stimulate ovulation.

Another ovulatory substance is human menopausal gonadotropin (HMG). The HMG can be obtained from the urine of postmenopausal women. It contains a mixture of LH and FSH. The HMG can further be used to treat females with gonadotropin deficiencies. This deficiency is explained in the introduction of this topic.

However, either HCG or HMG may overstimulate the ovaries and cause many follicles to release egg cells simultaneously, resulting in multiple births later. Multiple births, which can be twins, triplets, and ECT.

Other cause of female Infertility

Another cause of female Infertility is endometriosis, in which tissues resembling the inner lining of the uterus (endometrium) is present abnormally in the abdominal cavities.

Some researchers believe that small pieces of the endometrium may move up through the uterine tubes during menses. These cavities may be implanted in the abdominal cavities.

In any case, once this tissue is present in the cavity, it under goes changes similar to those that take place in the uterine lining during the menstrual cycle. However, when the tissue begins to break down at the end of the cycle, it cannot be expelled to the outside.

Instead it’s products remain in the abdominal cavity where they may irritate it’s lining (peritoneum)and cause considerable abdominal pain. These products also tend to stimulate the formation of fibrous tissue (fibrosis). Thef fbrosis which, in turn may encase the ovary, preventing ovulation mechanically, or may obstruct the uterine tubes.

Other women become infertile as a result of infections, such as gonorrhea, which may cause the uterine tubes to become inflamed and obstructed. The infection may stimulate the production of viscous mucus that can plug the cervix and prevent the entrance of sperm cells.

Solutions to female infertiliy

Solution to the infertiliy is diverse, it depends on the condition a specific woman is under or going through. Take for example a woman who is infertile because of an infection. In this case one can get treated and be cleared of infection, once infection is cleared, now you can take your natural FertilAid for women, which support to aid conception and promote cycle regularity and ovulation.

2. In the case of endometriosis, one can not easily detect that the linings of the womb or uterus are abnormally present in the abdominal cavity. The common signs and symptoms can be pains and irregularities in menstruation cycle.

This may require a medical diagnosis, lab tests, and it is treatable by neams of hormones as explained above, and by excision surgery. Fertilaid for female is not a treatment for endometriosis and fibriosis, it is just a natural booster that aid up conception.

3. It is very important for a woman to always look at what comes out with the urine. During menstrual cycle, notice unusual debris that comes along with urine. Check your tampons often before dumping out. Those are the things that talk to your fertile health.

Women who have previously concieve/ never concieve

The issues might be the same as the one above but, it is very important to further assist your self with natural vitamins such as FertilAid. Eating very healthy and getting enough sleep, eliminating both external and internal stress is very important. Above all, kindly do a positive check up for your ovals or eggs activities.

Women who have done it all and can not concieve, this article is base on promoting good living, recommendations and the use of fertility boosters. If you haven’t try any prenatal boosters. This is your chance of trying natural fertility that promote regular cycle and ovulation, the FertilAid for women. Please consider reading on previous article again, about male infertiliy.

Note: there are many things that can cause one not to concieve, not limited to the one elaborated here. Some women who work extremely hard, with lot of straining objects, this may contribute too. Always look out for external factors too, do not forget to do regular check-up with your family doctor.

Cycle Regularity – The First Step Towards Conception

Getting pregnant involves pinpointing ovulation so that you can plan to have intercourse during your fertile window. Simply put, if you don’t have sex during your fertile window – those 3-5 days just before you ovulate – you can’t get pregnant. 

Knowing when you are ovulating is relatively straightforward when you have regular, predictable 28 day cycles. But, when you have long or irregular menstrual cycles, predicting ovulation is easier said than done, and is sometimes nearly impossible.

FertilAid for Women includes the herbs Vitex and Red Clover Blossom that help to restore hormonal balance and cycle regularity. With more frequent, predictable cycles you will ovulate more often and you will be able to pinpoint ovulation more accurately so that you can be sure to have sex when you are fertile.

Advantages and disadvantages of FertilAid for women

This product is made of vitamins mostly, vitamins and proteins are very good for our health. It goes without saying, that the FertilAid vitamins are good products for quality eggs for conception.

Fertilaid prenatal vitamins can increase the appetite while, promoting conception of which is normal for most of “about to concieve women”. Increase of appetite might be a huge disadvantages to other people. According to research, not much of disadvantages have been notified by customers.


Female infertiliy has been a sensitive issues for years, this is due to a stigma that was built around non concieving ladies. This stigma negative stigma has received a positive response, because we are ashame to speak and send awareness about infertiliy.

It is ok not to have children if both parties have done all they could to concieve. It is ok to seek medical attention and use  of natural FertilAid vitamins and all other products to boost your conception. 

Infertiliy is not supposed to be looked at one side, which is female side. Male too have high chances of being the one who are infertile. Infertiliy comes in many forms, it might be caused by Infection, stress, overworking your body, none ovulation or irregular ovulation cycles or and debris of endometrium tissues.

Keep track of your menstrual cycle, watch the signs and symptoms of endometriosis, take notes of your urine and menstrual blood on your pads.

Use FertilAid for women to boost your conception. Stay healthy and keep medical education alive. This article serve as an awareness. It is open for reviews, and if you have any questions, you are welcome to leave them on the side of comments.

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I will Swifty answer you.

Now, Will you consider boosting your pregnancy and conception chances by using natural products? 

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  1. Oh wow. Something to definitely think about. I was unaware that this could actually happen. Me and my wife have been trying to get a child for months now and this is something that might be the cause of the problem, amongs other possible things.

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  3. A deep, important and yes sensitive subject. But, it must be discussed openly and solutions that’s I think can become a reality. Thanks to your post because it does mention that there are some solutions. This is one of those subjects I have not studied or looked at closely, but it is an important and I think we should be aware whether we’re male or female.

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